They are a valuable part of our team

PlayMark, Inc. has been the preferred provider and installer of Tot Lots and Exercise equipment for the entire time that I have been at St. Charles.  What I appreciate the most is that Keith and Brian understand the importance of a complete scope of work, a fixed priced, and a defined schedule.  On many occasions Brian has toured the community in anticipation of me needing a tot lot and has proactively contacted me to get the design and contract underway so that fabrication can meet our installation deadline.  When we have a pad on grade and have provided them with a perimeter stake-out, we simply walk away and know that when the PlayMark, Inc. installation team arrives we will have the finished product that we need with no hassles and no confusion.  They are a valuable part of our team and they eliminate one of the variables that we would otherwise have to deal with when developing a community with 6,000 remaining lots.

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